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Welcome and thank you stopping by at Mommy Loves Health [MLH]. I'm a wife of loving husband Mohd Zakimi and a mom to adorable son baby Harizzaky. Here is the place for me to share my belief in healthy, beauty and inspirations to have a good lifestyle. I'm proud to announce I'm Shaklee Independent Distributor with ID:874861. Delivery throughout Malaysia and Cash On Delivery (COD) in Perlis.

Isnin, 2 September 2013


Inilah set yg membuat ateef jatuh cinta pada shaklee  
Alhamdulillah berjaya menyusukan hariz sepenuhnya hingga ke hari ini. Dah pun 13 bulan.

 Ramai tegur ateef sentiasa ceria dan bertenaga. Dapat juga maintain slim pd masa yg sma. 

Inilah rahsia yg bukan lg rahsia 

Set menyusu + set slim Shaklee. I'M LOVING IT!!

Ateef Hatifa - Believe in Miracles
SID No:874861 


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